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Men’s Health Month: Combat low T like Bond. James Bond.

James Bond’s street fighting skills, combined with high-intensity interval training, can help silver foxes combat stress and testosterone depletion.

While Secret Agent 007 fought off enemy agents, inactivity from sitting behind a desk and stress from work and relationships are the main culprits for many men as we reach and surpass middle age.

Running long distances, for example, can help shed pounds but can also lead to damage and injury of our knees and other joints. A lesser-known side effect of endurance exercises for men is its potential to lower testosterone levels. The level of testosterone in men’s bodies declines naturally with age, but research shows that long-distance running and other intense cardio activities can shift the production of testosterone to a lower gear.

Low testosterone is known to result in a number of symptoms that few men want to talk about. From low sperm count and sex drive to weight gain and hair and muscle loss, it’s no wonder depression and anxiety rates can spike for men over 40 as testosterone levels start to drop.

SWIFT’s customized fitness routines boost weight loss and blood circulation to build stamina and power. One four-minute session, with short intervals of rapid, high-intensity physical activity, are shown to be more effective and beneficial than running a mile.

Here are a few things men in their age of distinction can do to help soften the blow to testosterone levels and the toll it has on their health, mood and relationships:

  • Strike back against stress—a guaranteed testosterone killer. SWIFT clients combat stress from daily demands using Krav Maga self-defense and fighting techniques, as well as meditation and massage.

  • Dump the sandbag. Men who carry more weight have lower levels of testosterone, research shows. SWIFT fitness trainings are tailored to suit your physical needs. Whether you're accommodating for an injury or illness or have never worked out a day in your life, SWIFT fitness methods ensure you see maximum benefits at any level.

  • Mind the grub. Eating a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats can help optimize testosterone levels. SWIFT teaches how foods we’re accustomed to eating—many of which appear to be nutritious—affect our bodies, so you can make choices based on your taste and dietary needs.

Make this Men’s Health Month your “Eye of the tiger” moment to fight back against what wears you down!

Are you ready to get started today? Head to our Memberships page, or contact us to learn more.


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