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Five common relationship killers and how to combat them

When committing to a long-term relationship, most couples consider their romantic desire to “grow old together.” Hand in hand, we head onto our “happily ever after.” Bring it, world. #BetterTogether. Our shared everyday experiences and our responses to them are what help us grow as people and as a couple, after all.

From exciting career and family milestones to surviving painful moments in our lives, we go through it all together. However, our differing responses to these experiences and their differing impacts on us change us. As years pass, heavy demands from daily life responsibilities and age take their toll on us physically and mentally. These can all chip away at the relationship and lead one or both people to question whether the journey really is better together, especially as a pandemic has many of us spending more time together than ever.

SWIFT clients report that by recognizing what’s wearing them down and fighting back together, they have rekindled their spark.

Here are five common relationship killers and ways to combat them together.

1. Stress

From differences in expectations for family and everyday matters to intense workplace demands, stress can creep into our lives and cause extreme damage to our minds and bodies. SWIFT’s Krav Maga martial arts techniques allow you to punch and kick your way to real stress relief, reducing the effects stress has on your relationship and overall happiness.

2. Diminished Intimacy

Stress and age are not kind on the body, and many couples report less action in the bedroom over the years. Gain confidence to bring out the new you by toning up and eating better. Get fit for you, and inspire your loved one to get it on.

3. Lack of energy

Just like getting to a gym or a workout class can seem overwhelming with limited energy after a long day, many couples report disengaging from their spouse—consciously or not—because they want to preserve the peace. SWIFT clients who punch through and physically work out their stress together report renewed energy and attraction.

4. Blues

Whether struggling with a health issue, adjusting to an empty-nest household, or coping with any of life’s other disruptions, SWIFT clients report taking regular time to meditate helps clear their head and get into a mental state to help them process their emotions.

5. Insufficient Time

It’s easy to get into routines that prioritize kids, what pays the bills, and everything else that life throws our way. We run on fumes and have little to no time left for ourselves or our spouses. SWIFT sessions are scheduled at your home, on your terms, and most SWIFT clients who do their sessions as couples look forward to the built-in weekly date.

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