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We’re on a mission to help others cultivate their instincts, build their strength and train their bodies and minds to combat anything keeping them from being their best.


SWIFT Founder Jerome Pokroy harnessed more than 25 years of practicing and training men, women and families in martial arts and wellness strategies to create SWIFT’s tested, practical tools to help you.


National Judo champion from his native South Africa, Jerome holds black belts in Krav Maga, Judo, Jeet Kune Do and Scientific Fighting Congress. He's also a licensed massage therapist.


Following a family tragedy, Jerome developed chronic pain and acute inflammation doctors believed could only be relieved with a cocktail of prescription medications, risking severe side effects. Jerome instead combined the techniques learned through martial arts and neuromuscular therapy training with nutrition and meditation to combat his ailments.


After his health was restored, Jerome vowed to help others do the same and developed and refined the SWIFT method.

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