Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions for 2020?

More than half of Americans planning New Year’s resolutions said their 2020 goals are related to eating healthier (51%) and getting more active (50%). Two in five Americans (42%) report wanting to lose weight, and...

If the holidays have you feeling more stressed or depressed than blessed, you're not alone. The holidays exhaust us in many ways – sometimes it’s family tension, financial strain, the pressure of responsibilities, or loneliness. But you can fight back against what...

Criminals love to target busy, unsuspecting shoppers in the middle of the holiday hustle and bustle. But there are things we can all do to prevent and counter attacks. SWIFT teaches people of all ages easy, life-saving techniques to protect themselves in situations lik...

Every new year brings new beginnings and prompts us to make resolutions, promising to turn over a new leaf and reach goals. Exercising more and losing weight is consistently the No. 1 New Year’s resolution in America, and in 2019, 43 percent of Texans surveyed were mak...

By boosting your strength and speed after applying the techniques, the SWIFT process transforms your physical and mental responses to mitigate situations that wear you down.

SWIFT transforms one’s mindset to stay on the offense and quickly eliminate internal and externa...

Time is short, and inefficient workouts are not an option. 

SWIFT’s customized 4-minute fitness routines boost weight loss and blood circulation to build stamina and power. 

One 4-minute session, with short intervals of rapid, high-intensity physical activity,...

Contrary to popular belief, we almost always get warning signals of a threat before danger strikes.

If we’re paying attention and hear the alarms set off by our intuition, we regularly second guess ourselves and write off these red flags as overreactions, prejudice...

SWIFT takes a holistic approach to your overall wellness, training you to purposefully nourish and therapeutically treat your body and mind for optimum physical and mental states that focus and refuel you. 

SWIFT members learn about the ingredients t...

Through fun, high-energy training, Krav Maga teaches life-tested techniques that build confidence to stay safe in any situation regardless of one’s size, age or physicality. 

During SWIFT training, we use real-world scenarios to practice situational awareness, de-escala...

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The S in SWIFT: Self-Defense

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